Do you love research? Well its time to get engaged! When researchers complete their work, it is typically published in a journal or presented at a conference. But how can researchers ensure that those outside their disciplines know about it?

“I always jump at any opportunity to talk about my work, but I didn’t know how to get into science communication. Then I attended a FameLab training. I think I’ve found my calling! I want to talk to people about science for the rest of my life.”

Jive Media Africa

Jive Media Africa has kicked off the research communications initiative ‘he(ART) of research’ together with the University of South Africa. The programme focusses on supporting academics to get creative about sharing their research and reaching even wider audiences through creative media outputs. The general public is generally unaware of the incredible work being undertaken at institutions of higher education across South Africa and Africa. Finding innovative ways of communicating research will allow it to have more impact in our society and our world.  Jive Media Africa will be presenting a hands-on course in research communications over the next 3 months. The course will include writing in a popular style, and creating images, videos and presentations to find wider audiences  for research. The final outputs will be presented at the UNISA Student Showcase in August. Watch this space!

Jive Media Africa FameLab

Tshiamo Legoale made history on the 8th of June by winning the FameLab International competition at the Cheltenham Science Festival held in the UK.

Healthy and robust ecosystems are essential for the health and wellbeing of the planet. That’s why Jive Media Africa is thrilled to be working with the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology. The principal aim of the Centre’s work is to reduce the rates and impacts of biological invasions by furthering scientific understanding. Engaging […]

Jive Media Africa FameLab

It is with great excitement that we congratulate Tshiamo Legoale on her FameLab SA win at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg. Tshiamo delivered three minutes of science communication excellence with her presentation on using wheat as a gold hyperaccumulator from mine tailing dumps, or literally growing gold from wheat! Tshiamo was one of 10 finalists who […]

Jive Media Africa FameLab

You never quite know who you’re talking to… Last year’s FameLab SA final saw an audience member express her immense enthusiasm for the FameLab ‘talking science’ project, hosted by Jive Media Africa in partnership with the British Council and the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement. It turns out that Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakin […]

Jive Media Africa FameLab

Registration now open for SA’s ‘Pop Idols of Science’

Are you South Africa’s next great scientist? FameLab® South Africa 2017 kicks off and you can register to enter as a contestant for the South African leg of the international competition dubbed, the ‘Pop Idols of Science’.

Entries NOW open. (Link will open in a new tab)

This year’s competition will launch on 8 December 2016 with the first heat at the second annual Science Forum South Africa ( which takes place at the CSIR International Convention Centre, in Pretoria. This heat will be preceded by a workshop and preliminary selections on 5 and 6 December 2016. Participants selected at the prelims will proceed to compete at the launch heat on the 8th December 2016.

Thereafter, heats will be taking place around the country. Watch the press and the competition website for more information.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to anyone aged 21 to 35 and working in or studying technology, engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics or maths. This includes private and public sector employees.

Entrance to the SFSA and FameLab® heats is free and open to the public and we invite all science enthusiasts, young and old, to come and cheer on their favourites at the FameLab® SFSA heat. Interested participants can register here. Registration is open.

Participants are offered training by Jive Media Africa to enhance their science communication skills and to enable them to present their science topic to a panel of expert judges in just three minutes. Presentations are judged on content, clarity, and charisma and must be original and scientifically accurate while being accessible to a public audience. Contestants who make it through the heats, win master class training with an international trainer and may progress to the semi-finals and finals of the competition, which will be held in April and May 2017 respectively. The FameLab® South Africa winner will go on to compete against winners from over 30 countries on an international stage, at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in the United Kingdom.

Jive Media Africa creates innovative, cutting edge communications; grabbing attention and conveying crucial messages in accessible ways. Jive Media Africa is an award-winning agency, which has provided media and communications services to the research sector over the past decade.

About FameLab®

FameLab® was started in 2005 in the UK by Cheltenham Science Festival and has quickly become established as a diamond model for successfully identifying, training and mentoring scientists and engineers to share their enthusiasm for their subjects with the public. It is implemented in over 30 countries, including the UK, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Qatar and Kazakhstan to name a few. FameLab® South Africa is implemented in partnership between the British Council, the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), and Science Communication Agency Jive Media Africa.

More than 5000 researchers have taken part in the global competition, resulting in a vibrant network of highly skilled individuals engaging international audiences and each other. FameLab® visit:

Jive Media Africa UNISA

UNISA Young Academics Programme

Beyond the Basics – Serious about research

Jive Media Africa
is excited to have been able to work with talented young researchers from the UNISA Young Academics programme (YAP). Piloted in 2008, the YAP has become one of UNISA’s most successful initiatives. YAP forms part of UNISA’s capacity-building initiatives responding to the need for a visible and critical mass of high quality academics. YAP seeks to develop young (under the age of 35), promising, and talented individuals for the future career in research, management and academics.

Jive Media Africa
was invited to work alongside the Young Academics Programme to grow skills for science communication and engagement. Participants were required to give a 10-minute presentation on their 5-year research plans. The presentations should appeal to a diverse audience and hence require the participants to think differently about their work in order to engage the larger university community and the public. Jive Media Africa was invited to deliver training before the talks and expert input afterwards.

Jive Media Africa Nozipho

Nozipho Gumbi , a PhD candidate in nanotechnology and water at  the University of South Africa, has represented South African science on a world stage! Nozipho – you are an inspiration to us all. Nozipho’s FameLab journey started last year with her first speech at the UNISA student showcase in Pretoria. She proceeded to calmly […]