Reaching large audiences with important information is a challenge faced by many government departments. Carefully considered policies can fail at implementation if key audiences remain disengaged.

This was the difficulty faced by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs when engaging stakeholders about the Biodiversity Economy. The Biodiversity Economy presents opportunities for people to improve their lives and create wealth from nature, whilst ensuring its sustainability for future generations.

The DEA recognised the power of storytelling through comics and cartoons – where complex messaging can be conveyed in exciting and engaging ways. Jive Media Africa, with over a decade’s experience in science engagement using comics, supported the department’s  vision, ensuring accuracy of messages, presented in simple language with compelling graphics.

Getting creative is crucial when it comes to conveying important, yet complex, messages to a wide range of audiences. Stories, and particularly comics, are an excellent medium for grabbing attention from audiences who might ordinarily shy away from new information. The posters, which combine colourful images and text lay out a narrative and effectively take readers on a journey. Along the way, they pick up key information, and start to see how they fit into the picture.

The Biodiversity Economy posters are available here:

Building Business from Biodiversity
Living Treasures
There’s Wealth in Wildlife 

They are shared with Creative Commons licences so you are welcome to copy, print and share them.

Don’t be ignored. Talk to us and find the perfect medium for your message.

Science Spaza: The Mail & Guardian and the Southern Africa Trust Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Awards Finalist !

The Mail & Guardian and the Southern Africa Trust present and host the Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Awards each year. This year has been an exciting and proud year for Jive Media Africa’s new initiative, Science Spaza, as we were announced one of the three finalists for the STEM Skills Development Award 2014.

Robert Inglis (Director at Jive Media) and Science Spaza’s Project Managers (Thandile Mdlambuzi and Nelani Mbokazi) attended the awards function held in Sandton (Johannesburg) on Tuesday, 28 October 2014. The winner of the Award went to Investec Pro Maths. Well done to this inspiring initiative!

Read all about Science Spaza at and Partner with us to further our passion for young South African’s gaining enough knowledge to make decisions for their futures… !!!


Jive Media Africa is excited to be working with Prof Lisa Butler, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Prof Jim Slotta, University of Toronto, and Thandanani Children’s Foundation (Pietermaritzburg, SA) in the development of interactive media for the Community Health worker Assistive Technology (CHAT) project – an innovative mHealth initiative in KZN, SA.

We are using various media including animation and video to assist community health workers as they impart crucial health messaging to impoverished South African households. These health workers are part of existing programmes administered by non-governmental organisations, such as Thandanani Children’s Foundation, serving households in communities around Pietermaritzburg. The digital media created by Jive Media Africa will be delivered via a tablet computer, and will foster meaningful discussions about health topics between the health workers and caregivers in the households.

View the media focussing on child health (birth to 5 years) on the following topics:

View an ‘explainer’ video here:


Jive Africa launched the first ever Science Spaza newspaper at SciFest Africa in Grahamstown in the week 11th to 14th March 2014. The first issue of Spaza Space offers exciting news from homework research some of the Science Spaza clubs, articles, cool competitions, new branded resources and much much more… To read more about this exciting publication and to see photographs of the launch and download the paper, go to

Jive Media Africa has produced
4 x 8 page comic books for SKA (Square Kilometre Array) and MeerKAT (the Karoo Array Telescope). An inquisitive school girl Hannah and the young astronomer Naledi are two key characters in colourful comic books developed to engage the public in the story of the SKA and MeerKAT. A real meerkat also features prominently, along with an adorable bat-eared fox – both animals found in the Karoo.

The stories are set in and around a small rural town in the Karoo and help readers to understand how radio astronomy works and why the pathfinder telescope – and possibly later the SKA – will be built in the Karoo.

Download the Collector’s Edition which includes all three episodes or each episode individually.

A six banner display for MeerKAT/ SKA (for science centres, etc.)

An extract from an email received from Charles Phillips appears below:

Hi Marina –

This is just to say how thrilled we are to receive the fantastic set of six
SKA banners recently, and to confirm that these are now proudly hung near
our Space Zone along with all our space and astronomy displays which include
a large SALT model, Mark Shuttleworth’s space suit and a replica of his
Soyuz capsule, interactive Mars Rover plus some actual space debris that
landed in W/Cape some years ago etc etc!

Kind regards –

Charles Phillips – Exhibition Manager
MTN Sciencentre, Cape Town

Jive Media Africa designed and implemented a ground-breaking communication campaign for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in association with the National Dept of Social Development (DSD).

The Everyday Heroes Comic Book Campaign highlights the role of communities in supporting victims of crime and violence.

There are six comic books in the series: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, Abuse of Older Persons and Abuse of People with Disabilities.

These comics have been translated into six South Africa languages.

The contract also involved developing a website, animatics, a distribution strategy, as well as carrying out a pilot project and M&E.

Jive Media Africa has just completed a series of student writing paper posters with accompanying educator and learner guides for PEN (Public engagement with Nanotechnology) through SAASTA/ NRF.

AgentZee1As the world becomes ever more inter-connected, Social Media creates exciting opportunities to reach audiences in new ways. Jive Media Africa is proud to present Agent Zee, a student in science who’s far from ordinary.

Agent Zee knows her true potential as an African woman and uses a range of social media platforms to engage fellow students with information, insights and inspiration with which to navigate the world of science and technology in Africa.

Internationally and in South Africa, women remain under-represented in the sciences. Addressing this, and the many challenges faced by African women in science, is crucial to bring science and society closer together. Agent Zee talks to young scientists exposing them to opportunities, information and role models – inspiration for the next generation of African science leaders.

Agent Zee sends out a weekly newsletter to over 750 tertiary students countrywide.


Ntombi’s Song – Psychosocial Support Cluster of the Children In Distress Network (CINDI)

A comic booklet and facilitator guide (in English and isiZulu) aimed at encouraging children to disclose sexual abuse. The booklet highlights, through dialogue, activities and pictures, the fears and difficulties of reporting a case of sexual abuse.

CINDI decided to restrict its use to specific facilitators who they felt could handle the level of disclosure.

Laduma! Stick to your TB Gameplan

Client: US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the Eastern Cape Department of Health

Brief: Communication Strategy and TB Awareness-raising Products

A TB adherence initiative for children using comics cialis online and activities to reinforce key messages. A simple narrative of a child who is helped to recover from TB with the support of another child who has overcome the disease. Through the narrative, activities and inputs are presented to assist in the communication of the key concepts and messages.


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Address: P.O. Box 22016, Mayor’s Walk, 3208


Tel: +27 (033) 342 9380/2
Address: P.O. Box 22016, Mayor’s Walk, 3208

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