Amidst the anxiety and pain of Covid-19, giving people a chance to help, creates opportunities  to share information and slow the spread of the virus.

In response to the global pandemic, research communication specialists Jive Media Africa have produced a series of posters to grab attention and engage a broad range of public audiences. Download, print or share them now (high resolution versions are at the bottom of this post).

The COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating global impacts. With almost a million confirmed infections worldwide it’s easy to forget that the spread of the Corona virus is directly linked to the actions and behaviours of individuals.

Encouraging individuals to change their behaviours is a challenging communications task. Information alone is not enough. People must want to change and they must believe they are capable of that change. And first they must engage with the communication medium.

One of the key elements of the campaign is about ensuring that the messages are more about what you can do for others, than what you can do for yourself. “Altruism is a strong motivator” says Director Robert Inglis, “People are looking for ways they can help, and sharing relevant, relatable messages is one of those ways.”

The campaign uses comic characters to create strong identification amongst readers, and thanks to the incredible support of individuals and institutions around the world,  is currently being translated into numerous languages.

You can download them for printing below, or simply save them and share them on your social media channels.The posters are published with a Creative Commons license so you are free to copy, print and share them (provided no modifications are made). If you are able to offer translation to a language we don’t yet have covered – please email us on the contact form.

Hay’khona is a South African expression signalling strong negative sentiment. We’re saying “No, not here!” to COVID-19.

Click on the links below to get the comics in your own language. Is your language not here and can you help us by translating the poster? Please get in touch  – we’d appreciate the support.


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Jive Media Africa CHAT


Jive Media Africa CHAT

Jive Media Africa CHAT


Jive Media Africa CHAT


Jive Media Africa CHAT


Jive Media Africa has done a series of Animations for the Public Understanding of Biotechnology. We believe that an informed public is an empowered public – better able to make appropriate choices and decisions. Tissue Culture/ Indigenous Plants   GMO   Vaccines   Forensics   GeneBank   Biomining

These animations were developed by Jive Media Africa for the Science Platform Months, promoted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). The Science Platform Months are divided into four broad areas: African Origins, Antarctica, Astronomy, and Biosciences. Client: SAASTA