Stories simplify communication. Through emotional connection and simple language, stories can make complex information relatable – resulting in dialogue and transformation.

To share experiences in storytelling and to gain insight from other communicators and researchers, Jive Media Africa presented a number of papers at the Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference 2018 which took place in Dunedin, New Zealand. Jive Media Africa’s work in this area includes comics, music and film among others, bringing researchers and the public together through participatory methods to create compelling media to transform the world.

Presentations included:

  1. Participatory approaches to science communication. A workshop exploring approaches from Paulo Freire.
  2. #TheArtofResearch – Collaborations in art and science with comics, music and film.
  3. Comics as a means of science engagement – a poster presentation on the use of cartoons to explore the invisible world of nanotechnology.
  4. Stories can save lives: in their own words…experiences of living with HIV.
  5. Researching marginalised groups with research – a workshop exploring barriers to engagement.