Science Spaza

Curriculum-linked Learning

Science Spaza delivers exciting, curriculum-linked learning opportunities to a network of self-initiated science clubs and science centres across South Africa.

By partnering with Science Spaza, you can make a positive contribution to science, technology, and innovation in South Africa.

Activity Worksheets

Science Spaza activity worksheets are interactive, curriculum-linked, and fun. They result in lengthy engagement by the next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Activity worksheets are created around your key messages by our highly experienced team. Additional copies or print files can be arranged for your own outreach activities.

Spaza Space

Science Spaza Space is the official newspaper of the Science Spaza programme, linking clubs to one another and to the broader science sector. 10 000 copies of this quarterly paper are delivered free of charge to science centres and clubs nationally.

Science Spaza Space is an opportunity to reach young audiences with advertising and advertorial, or even an entire themed publication.