Put your audience in the picture: Why comics get your message across

Put your audience in the picture: Why comics get your message across

Reaching large audiences with important information is a challenge faced by many government departments. Carefully considered policies can fail at implementation if key audiences remain disengaged.

This was the difficulty faced by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs when engaging stakeholders about the Biodiversity Economy. The Biodiversity Economy presents opportunities for people to improve their lives and create wealth from nature, whilst ensuring its sustainability for future generations.

The DEA recognised the power of storytelling through comics and cartoons – where complex messaging can be conveyed in exciting and engaging ways. Jive Media Africa, with over a decade’s experience in science engagement using comics, supported the department’s  vision, ensuring accuracy of messages, presented in simple language with compelling graphics.

Getting creative is crucial when it comes to conveying important, yet complex, messages to a wide range of audiences. Stories, and particularly comics, are an excellent medium for grabbing attention from audiences who might ordinarily shy away from new information. The posters, which combine colourful images and text lay out a narrative and effectively take readers on a journey. Along the way, they pick up key information, and start to see how they fit into the picture.

The Biodiversity Economy posters are available here:

Building Business from Biodiversity
Living Treasures
There’s Wealth in Wildlife 

They are shared with Creative Commons licences so you are welcome to copy, print and share them.

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