Justice through Media Training

Justice through Media Training

The complexity of legal processes can sometimes make them difficult for the general public to understand. Yet, on a daily basis, legal cases are heard and decided upon with dramatic impacts on the lives of many people. Legal experts at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) at the University of Witwatersrand work alongside marginalised individuals and communities as they navigate the justice system.

Jive Media Africa is working closely with CALS  to enhance the impact of their work by training them in media and public engagement. The participants of the training, lawyers working on key legal cases, said that the practical exercises helped them to consider their different audiences and understand how to make information more accessible to the general public, not just to courts or the government.

They appreciated learning how to present the legal problems and possible solutions in a manner which made them engaging for the affected parties – ordinary South African citizens.

“It was great having Jive’s expertise to draw on…I found the session practical and focused,” said one participant

Robert Inglis, Director of Jive Media Africa said, “We commend CALS efforts in ensuring that the law serves everyone, even those excluded by lack of resources and opportunity.”

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