NoviGuide: Innovative mobile health technology for newborn care

NoviGuide: Innovative mobile health technology for newborn care

Jive Media Africa is pleased to announce that Global Strategies has provided funds for an evaluation of the NoviGuide in South Africa.

NoviGuide is a tablet-based clinical application that guides healthcare practitioners by providing step-by-step information related to care of newborns. The application is the result of a unique collaboration between Global Strategies and Metrodigi, a leader in eBook development.

Millennium development goals include reducing under-5 mortality from 62 deaths per 1000 births to less than 20 before the end of 2015. While reasonable progress has been made in South Africa (currently 35,5), very little progress has been made in reducing neonatal (less than one month) mortality, which still accounts for one quarter of all under-5 deaths.

NoviGuide aims to assist healthcare providers to adhere to carefully established care guidelines by prompting them for key information and assisting them with often complex decisions – empowering nurses to deliver appropriate care despite limited resources.

The South African study is proposed to take place in selected hospitals in the Harry Gwala Health District in KwaZulu-Natal. The research team includes Dr Roopesh Bhoola, Head of Neonatology at Edendale Hospital (Principal investigator), Dr Lisa Butler, Associate Scientific Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital and Robert Inglis, Director of Jive Media Africa.

The study is due to commence in the 1st quarter of 2015 and is aimed at accessing feasibility, acceptability, use and usage patterns of the NoviGuide among nurses, doctors and other health system personnel.

Global Strategies empowers communities in the most neglected areas of the world to improve the lives of women and children through healthcare and is partnering with Jive Media Africa to ensure that NoviGuide is suited to the local context.

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