Palaeontology and Archaeology

Palaeontology and Archaeology

Jive Media Africa completed a tour around South Africa visiting the prehistory sites that have shaped world knowledge on the evolution of life – and more recently human life – on our planet. These palaeontological and archaeological sites create a wonderful opportunity to share science with the public. They take us back to humankind’s African Origins.

Jive Media Africa produced 3 books about the sites, specifically a learner guide, a tourism guide
and portfolio of research activities. We have also produced a series of newspaper articles that have featured in the Sunday Times Travel and Food supplement and on the Timeslive website (
Nonhlanhla Vilakazi, a palaeo-herpitologist (studies fossilized reptiles), came along for the ride and recorded her experiences (in words, images and video clips) on a weblog.

Sunday Times Articles:

Video Blog:

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