Men and Masculinities in South Africa

Men and Masculinities in South Africa

Jive Africa produced the following books for publishing by the Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA) and Sonke Gender Justice Network, “Men and Masculinities in South Africa is a three-part series comprising stories, analysis and faith based resources. Its aim is to mobilize positive changes in the ways that men and women understand male identity in South Africa”. Daniela Gennrich (Editor).

“Gender transformation work is critical to sustain our country’s democratic process.

PACSA and Sonke Gender Justice Network share the ambitious aim of bringing about fundamental social change that includes the prevention of domestic and sexual violence, achieving gender equality, responding to HIV and AIDS and deepening democracy and human rights”. Daniela Gennrich

The book was launched on the 29th November 2013 as part of PACSA’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign against gender violence. PACSA’s men and gender focus influenced the book as a project which began in 2010.

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