Hip Hop Science Spaza celebrated National Science Week 2016. The theme this year is Science for Sustainable Development and Improved Quality of Life. Hip Hop Science Spaza focused on water, food security and nutrition.

Learners from Mlungisi Secondary School in Taylor’s Halt, Pietermaritzburg, met up with food security expert, Mbali Gwacela, hydrologist Lungi Lembede and Zandile Ngcobo who is a Nutrition Advisor at Taylor’s Halt Clinic. After learning more about these three areas of science, the learners composed songs to convey an important message about sustainable living. The songs were performed for their parents and the community at the Hip Hop Science Spaza event.

Five learners from the school also joined the Science Spaza team in Cape Town where they were asked to perform at the launch of National Science Week 2016, hosted at the University of the Western Cape.

The  interviews and songs were professionally recorded and aired on community radio stations across the country during National Science Week 2016 (08 -13 August 2016). To listen to the interviews and songs go to Sound Cloud and you can watch the Hip Hop Science Spaza NSW2016 video on YouTube.

Visit www.sciencespaza.org for resources with topics covered during National Science Week 2016.

National Science Week is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology managed through the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA). For more information, go to: www.saasta.ac.za