The Power of Knowing – Experiences of Youth and Caregivers with Paediatric HIV Disclosure from LMButler on Vimeo.


Jive Africa was once again honoured to be working with Dr Lisa Butler from Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. We have produced an educational documentary and a training course to support caregivers through a process of disclosing to the children in their care.

We were awarded funding from the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Aerosmith Fund for HIV Care and Prevention to support the expansion of our educational film, The Power of Knowing to a fuller length documentary which we have developed for sharing with a global audience.

Paediatric HIV disclosure refers to the process of communicating to a child/children that he or she is infected with HIV.

While HIV care and treatment programs for children are expanding throughout sub-Saharan Africa, a growing challenge facing health providers and caregivers is disclosure of HIV serostatus to infected children. Disclosure is an integral part of accepting and living with the disease and in accessing and sustaining HIV medical care and treatment.

Dr Lisa Butler, in collaboration with Dr. Philippa Musoke (Makerere University-Johns Hopkins University Research Collaboration, Kampala, Uganda) and Dr. Rachel King (University of California San Francisco), is conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a caregiver-and child-focused cognitive-behavioral intervention on improving rates of disclosure to children and to evaluate the short and longer term effects of disclosure and non-disclosure on children.

The Media in Education Trust (MiET Africa) conducts workshops with parents of school-going children to support them to engage with their children’s education. Jive Media Africa was contracted to develop a training programme for these parents, many of whom did not themselves have an opportunity to attend school.

To address this challenge we created a series of “picture-building” exercises, where parents discuss topics and then build pictures representing key learnings – the programme has been highly successful and we recently completed a second set of resources which deal with topics including teenage pregnancy, nutrition, parenting adolescents, financial management and creating environments conducive to learning.

The programme is already being rolled out in other regions of the sub-continent.

Jive Media Africa is excited to be working with Prof Lisa Butler, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Prof Jim Slotta, University of Toronto, and Thandanani Children’s Foundation (Pietermaritzburg, SA) in the development of interactive media for the Community Health worker Assistive Technology (CHAT) project – an innovative mHealth initiative in KZN, SA.

We are using various media including animation and video to assist community health workers as they impart crucial health messaging to impoverished South African households. These health workers are part of existing programmes administered by non-governmental organisations, such as Thandanani Children’s Foundation, serving households in communities around Pietermaritzburg. The digital media created by Jive Media Africa will be delivered via a tablet computer, and will foster meaningful discussions about health topics between the health workers and caregivers in the households.

View the media focussing on child health (birth to 5 years) on the following topics:

View an ‘explainer’ video here:


Jive Media Africa was privileged to be part of the productions of a series of manuals, implementation guidelines and legal guidelines for the HSRC entitled the “Legal, ethical and counselling issues related to HIV testing of children”.

Here is an extract from an article that can be found here where the guidelines are also available for download:

“A significant number of children in South Africa live with HIV. According to figures provided by the Department of Health, an estimated 32 940 children under 15 years of age were living with HIV and AIDS but were not on treatment. These facts highlight that every effort must be made to facilitate HIV testing in this population within the framework of applicable legislation and policy. Once tested, children can be placed on treatment, and linked to care and support.

The HSRC, through the SA National AIDS Council (SANAC), was commissioned to provide technical support to the Department of Health to ensure implementation of the goals for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) as set out in the 2006-2011 National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB (NSP).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided the funding for this initiative.”

Jive Media Africa’s production of the 4 books included the overall design concept, layout and illustration, and took the 4 products to completion/ print.

Jive Media Africa designed and implemented a ground-breaking communication campaign for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in association with the National Dept of Social Development (DSD).

The Everyday Heroes Comic Book Campaign highlights the role of communities in supporting victims of crime and violence.

There are six comic books in the series: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, Abuse of Older Persons and Abuse of People with Disabilities.

These comics have been translated into six South Africa languages.

The contract also involved developing a website, animatics, a distribution strategy, as well as carrying out a pilot project and M&E.

Ntombi’s Song – Psychosocial Support Cluster of the Children In Distress Network (CINDI)

A comic booklet and facilitator guide (in English and isiZulu) aimed at encouraging children to disclose sexual abuse. The booklet highlights, through dialogue, activities and pictures, the fears and difficulties of reporting a case of sexual abuse.

CINDI decided to restrict its use to specific facilitators who they felt could handle the level of disclosure.

Marilyn Aitken

A journey of discovery for young women

Testimonies about the effectiveness of the materials in this book, from those who know:

“The programme sends women to find in themselves the gold, the diamonds, the wealth that lies in a woman. And then you work with yourself and become what you were destined to be.”

“As young people we need to participate in building our future. Emthonjeni builds powerful leaders who empower other people, loving leaders who listen to and address the needs of the people and the Earth.”

Discounts are available for NGO’s and bulk buying (5 or more books).
Please contact Jive Media Africa for these discounts.

Produced by Jive Media Africa

Jive Media completed 6 training manuals for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Africa. This series were designed, illustrated and laid out by Jive Media Africa. All the illustrations were created specifically for this project.

BBBSSA is a mentoring programme that matches youth in need with carefully selected and trained adult volunteers in one-to-one relationships that help them maximize their potential. They are well established in over 40 countries around the world.


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