A mobile open-source exhibition for the International Year of Astronomy! Downloadable 10m banner for you to print and exhibit (Client: SAASTA) Making the universe everyone’s to explore. 5 mg daily cialis   We’re bringing the universe closer to ordinary South Africans. Jive Media has produced a 10m long banner with the stunning images from deep […]

We are thrilled to share with you the news that Robert Inglis, Director of Jive Media, has won the National Science and Technology Forum Award in the category for “Science Communicator for Public Awareness over the last 5 years”. The award was given to Robert for his “contribution to the development of the discipline of […]

Jive Media Africa completed a tour around South Africa visiting the prehistory sites that have shaped world knowledge on the evolution of life – and more recently human life – on our planet. These palaeontological and archaeological sites create a wonderful opportunity to share science with the public. They take us back to humankind’s African […]