Science Communication Training – We mind the gap

Science Communication Training – We mind the gap

Closing the gap between science and society…

Jive Media Africa has been privileged to be running science communication training sessions around the country. It has been a creative and rewarding experience to see the shifts that take place. From writing for popular audiences to public speaking and even extending to other creative approaches, Jive Media Africa is sought after to help scientists and science organisations get creative about engaging public audiences.

Current and recent training work has included:

The CSIR (the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research). In partnership with Proof Communications, Jive Media Africa completed a series of science communication and media training workshops around the country for the CSIR. It’s been an exciting time working with scientists at the cutting edge of their disciplines – helping them navigate the stormy sea between their science and the world out there.

University of Pretoria – Hands on Science Communication Workshop for Early Career Academics – at the invitation of Marina Joubert (Southern Science) Robert Inglis has assisted with an innovative University of Pretoria programme to get early career researchers thinking about how to communicate their science to public audiences. There will be a follow-up in August when the researchers do a trial run of their science communication ideas.

Nanothechnology Public Engagement Programme – Rhodes University. Robert Inglis and Prof. Janice Limson conducted training with young nanotechnologists from Rhodes University about writing for popular audiences. Prof. Harry Dugmore from the Rhodes Journalism school gave insight from a Journalism perspective while Robert and Janice gave input from their experiences as science communicators.

FameLab – around the country for the FameLab 2014 project, alongside SAASTA’s Daryl Illbury and at the FameLab 2014 Finalists’ Masterclasses, alongside international trainer Malcolm Love. Working with great South African researchers doing great South African science!

For more information on our science communication training workshops please call Robert Inglis or email us.