J.L.Dube – Pastor and Politician

J.L.Dube – Pastor and Politician

Pastor and Politician: Essays on the legacy of JL Dube, the first President of the African National Congress

R. Simangaliso Kumalo

This book aims to revive the legacy of John Langalibalele Dube who made a tremendous contribution to the liberation of the African people in South Africa. Dube was a pastor, first President of the African National Congress, a Pan-Africanist, founder of Ohlange Institution, and a counselor to Zulu kings.
In the 21st Century, as Africa seeks to determine its own future, Dube’s legacy offers valuable insights. The book ex- amines issues of self-reliance, good governance, and African identity and – most relevant to by  in post-apartheid South Africa – reminds us that religion is political and politics can be religious, as revealed by the life of Dube who held the two in a creative tension.

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