Nozipho made us proud!

Nozipho made us proud!

Nozipho Gumbi , a PhD candidate in nanotechnology and water at  the University of South Africa, has represented South African science on a world stage! Nozipho – you are an inspiration to us all.

Nozipho’s FameLab journey started last year with her first speech at the UNISA student showcase in Pretoria. She proceeded to calmly and confidently win round after round, at the UNISA heat and in Cape Town at the British Council hosted Going Global conference. After winning the South African leg of the competition Nozipho, who is currently studying in Germany, made her way to The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in the United Kingdom. After delivering a speech on how carbon nano-tubes can be used to remove micro-pollutants in our water systems, Nozipho secured herself a place in the finals.

Nozipho, you have made us proud. You are a truly inspiring role model for young scientists and for woman in science everywhere.

Congratulations to Abhi Veerakumarasivam from Malaysia who was crowned FameLab 2016 champion for his winning talk on our individual responsibilities when it comes to fighting cancer.

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