Science Spaza, an initiative of Jive Media Africa, recently celebrated National Science Week with learners from the Science Spaza club at Zibukezulu Technical High School. The theme for this year was “Science Rocks!”, a response to the National Science Week theme of Science for Sustainable Tourism. There are numerous tourism sites in South Africa related to rocks – because they can tell us such wonderful stories. So we we explored three aspects of science relating to rocks: palaeontology, archaeology and geology.

Learners were introduced to these science field,  by three South African experts on a trip to the Kamberg Rock Art Centre. Dr Nonhle Vilakazi is a palaeo-herpetologist from the University of South Africa. Dr Thakane Ntoli, is a geologist with the Council for Geosciences and Dr Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu is an archaeologist at the University of Pretoria. Science Spaza also hosted several interactive workshops with the learners that included fun activities and a chance for them to write and record their own songs about rock art, fossils and geology. You can hear these special-feature tracks on the Science Spaza Soundcloud channel along with interviews with the scientists.  The series was recorded for television and broadcast on Hectic Nine-9 during National Science Week. To end the celebrations with a bang, the learners performed their unique songs in a concert for their families and community.

Find out more about Science Rocks! and check out the latest edition of Spaza Space, the official Newspaper of the Science Spaza programme. You can also do the fun activities on the accompanying worksheets exclusively themed for National Science Week 2017.

National Science Week is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, managed through the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA). For more information, visit

Where did human beings first begin to wonder, investigate and create? Growing scientific evidence now suggests that it was right here, under African skies. And this process, repeated over millennia, now continues in the creation of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope. Jive Media Africa is honoured and privileged to have worked with the SKA in South Africa on the creation of a book which aims to deepen and broaden public interest and engagement with the SKA project. The book, Journeys of Discovery – Stories of Human Innovation in Africa, positions the  SKA within a larger story of over 200 000 years of human history and innovation on the African continent.

The book highlights scientific and technological advancement on the continent by exploring themes as varied as imagination and innovation, the human odyssey, pyrotechnology, early chemistry and early engineering, with beautiful images of symbolic innovations and development in Africa. The book provides an overview of the SKA project and how its objectives and long-term scientific benefits link to the story of human innovation, and ultimately to our future as a species.

The book was researched, written and produced by Jive Media Africa, in association with leading archaeologists and origins researchers. The publication has been exceptionally well-received and an exhibition highlighting key themes and images from the book and an official launch will follow. (Watch this space for more details).

“The products were brilliant and far exceeded expectations. The science communication experience and proficiency was of the highest standard. There are many highlights stemming from where the product was used.” – Mr Lorenzo Raynard, Communications Manager – SKA South Africa

Feature image: Ostrich eggshells covered with engraved geometric patterns found in Diepkloof Shelter, near the coast, north of Cape Town. Image credit: PJ Texier



Jive Media Africa brought the Hip Hop Science Spaza programme to Taung, North West Province, home of the Taung Child!

The Evolutionary Studies Institute (ESI) is a Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences, and the global hub for the study of the origins of the species (including human origins). Hip Hop Science Spaza and ESI engaged with learners from 11 schools in Taung to create songs about palaeontology and the rich history of Taung. The study of fossils has broad public appeal, and these songs will be created with the aim of reaching the general public, well beyond typical scientific audiences.

Jive Media Africa is proud to partner with the DST – NRF Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences, Evolutionary Studies Institute team from Wits – University of the Witwatersrand.


Learners are ready with their performances!

Learners recording their song at the local radio station…

Jive Media Africa completed a tour around South Africa visiting the prehistory sites that have shaped world knowledge on the evolution of life – and more recently human life – on our planet. These palaeontological and archaeological sites create a wonderful opportunity to share science with the public. They take us back to humankind’s African Origins.

Jive Media Africa produced 3 books about the sites, specifically a learner guide, a tourism guide
and portfolio of research activities. We have also produced a series of newspaper articles that have featured in the Sunday Times Travel and Food supplement and on the Timeslive website (
Nonhlanhla Vilakazi, a palaeo-herpitologist (studies fossilized reptiles), came along for the ride and recorded her experiences (in words, images and video clips) on a weblog.

Sunday Times Articles:

Video Blog:

nieu_bethesda_fossil_centre1_200x135 Mapungubwe2-LimpopoRiver1_200x135
Kamberg2-GamePassShelter1_200x135 Sterkfontein_200x135

Jive Media Africa produced a series of comic strips for African Origins month, funded by SAASTA:

Click on the small image to see a larger version…





 View JMA’s African Origins animation here

 Agent Zee has been time-travelling herself…

Jive Media Africa developed these animations for SAASTA, who was mandated to implement the Science Platform Months on behalf of the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Science Platforms Focus Areas are divided into four broad areas, namely: African Origins, Antarctica, Astronomy, and Biosciences.





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