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Hip Hop Health: Research, Rhyme, and Rhythm for Healthy Communities is a collaboration between members of Science Spaza science clubs, popular music artists and health researchers to address health challenges facing South African communities.

The project’s purpose is to enable young people to engage with health research, and in this project specifically research around water and water-related disease. This will be done by firstly mentoring the science clubs on research methodologies and research ethics. And secondly, then to undertake one of three research projects on water-related disease in their own communities. Upon completion of these research projects, the clubs will turn their new knowledge into hip hop and rap songs with a prominent Hip Hop artist which will then be performed for their communities, recorded and filmed for wider distribution.

Project leaders are Ms Hilary Kromberg Inglis BMus (Hons) Music Communication and Dr Neil McKerrow, Head: Paediatrics and child health, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health.

Also involved are award-winning science communication and science engagement expert and MD of Jive Media Africa, Mr Robert Inglis. Expert consultants are Dr Douglas Wassenaar M.A. (Clin. Psych.) PhD, School of Applied Human Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal as well as Dr Lisa M. Butler, Ph.D. (Education), M.P.H. (Epidemiology & Biostatistics), Ph.D. (Epidemiology) Boston Children’s Hospital, Department of Medicine, Division of General Pediatrics; Harvard Medical School, Department of Pediatrics.

This initiative has been made possible through The Wellcome Trust’s International Engagement Award. The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds.

Mehlokazulu Science Club, Sobantu Science Club and Science Spaza staff, Olwazini Discovery Centre

Jive Media Africa is pleased to announce that Global Strategies has provided funds for an evaluation of the NoviGuide in South Africa.

NoviGuide is a tablet-based clinical application that guides healthcare practitioners by providing step-by-step information related to care of newborns. The application is the result of a unique collaboration between Global Strategies and Metrodigi, a leader in eBook development.

Millennium development goals include reducing under-5 mortality from 62 deaths per 1000 births to less than 20 before the end of 2015. While reasonable progress has been made in South Africa (currently 35,5), very little progress has been made in reducing neonatal (less than one month) mortality, which still accounts for one quarter of all under-5 deaths.

NoviGuide aims to assist healthcare providers to adhere to carefully established care guidelines by prompting them for key information and assisting them with often complex decisions – empowering nurses to deliver appropriate care despite limited resources.

The South African study is proposed to take place in selected hospitals in the Harry Gwala Health District in KwaZulu-Natal. The research team includes Dr Roopesh Bhoola, Head of Neonatology at Edendale Hospital (Principal investigator), Dr Lisa Butler, Associate Scientific Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital and Robert Inglis, Director of Jive Media Africa.

The study is due to commence in the 1st quarter of 2015 and is aimed at accessing feasibility, acceptability, use and usage patterns of the NoviGuide among nurses, doctors and other health system personnel.

Global Strategies empowers communities in the most neglected areas of the world to improve the lives of women and children through healthcare and is partnering with Jive Media Africa to ensure that NoviGuide is suited to the local context.

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Jive Media Africa is excited to be working with Prof Lisa Butler, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Prof Jim Slotta, University of Toronto, and Thandanani Children’s Foundation (Pietermaritzburg, SA) in the development of interactive media for the Community Health worker Assistive Technology (CHAT) project – an innovative mHealth initiative in KZN, SA.

We are using various media including animation and video to assist community health workers as they impart crucial health messaging to impoverished South African households. These health workers are part of existing programmes administered by non-governmental organisations, such as Thandanani Children’s Foundation, serving households in communities around Pietermaritzburg. The digital media created by Jive Media Africa will be delivered via a tablet computer, and will foster meaningful discussions about health topics between the health workers and caregivers in the households.

View the media focussing on child health (birth to 5 years) on the following topics:

View an ‘explainer’ video here:


Jive Media Africa was privileged to be part of the productions of a series of manuals, implementation guidelines and legal guidelines for the HSRC entitled the “Legal, ethical and counselling issues related to HIV testing of children”.

Here is an extract from an article that can be found here where the guidelines are also available for download:

“A significant number of children in South Africa live with HIV. According to figures provided by the Department of Health, an estimated 32 940 children under 15 years of age were living with HIV and AIDS but were not on treatment. These facts highlight that every effort must be made to facilitate HIV testing in this population within the framework of applicable legislation and policy. Once tested, children can be placed on treatment, and linked to care and support.

The HSRC, through the SA National AIDS Council (SANAC), was commissioned to provide technical support to the Department of Health to ensure implementation of the goals for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) as set out in the 2006-2011 National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB (NSP).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided the funding for this initiative.”

Jive Media Africa’s production of the 4 books included the overall design concept, layout and illustration, and took the 4 products to completion/ print.

Laduma! Stick to your TB Gameplan

Client: US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the Eastern Cape Department of Health

Brief: Communication Strategy and TB Awareness-raising Products

A TB adherence initiative for children using comics cialis online and activities to reinforce key messages. A simple narrative of a child who is helped to recover from TB with the support of another child who has overcome the disease. Through the narrative, activities and inputs are presented to assist in the communication of the key concepts and messages.

The Child Healthcare Problem Identification Programme (ChildPIP) is a mortality audit tool for children in the Health sector in South Africa. They are attempting to save lives through death auditing in hospitals. Jive Media has set up an open source CMS for ChildPIP to communicate with it’s programme members nationally.

Jive Media Africa strategising and produces media for organisations and researchers making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.


The Children in Distress Network is a network of over 150 organisations working with vulnerable children in the PMB and KZN Midlands region.

Child Abuse Tabloid Pull-out


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