What moves ordinary people to risk their comfort for the sake of others? What moves people to remain hopeful in times of despair? What moves people to take great risks to act against their oppression?

Journeying for Justice gives insight into these questions, by recounting the real-life experiences of men and women who have felt compelled by faith and circumstance to keep working for a just society.

These are the stories of those who have worked with and inspired the Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (PACSA) through 30 years of faith-based social justice work in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands of South Africa. These are stories of faith in action.

“For a change preachers can take a rest from their preaching and allow ordinary people to come forward to share their stories. Stories will bring about healing.”
Fr Buti Tlhagale (now Archbishop), PACSA AGM, 1996

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Marilyn Aitken

A journey of discovery for young women

Testimonies about the effectiveness of the materials in this book, from those who know:

“The programme sends women to find in themselves the gold, the diamonds, the wealth that lies in a woman. And then you work with yourself and become what you were destined to be.”

“As young people we need to participate in building our future. Emthonjeni builds powerful leaders who empower other people, loving leaders who listen to and address the needs of the people and the Earth.”

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Jive Media Africa completed a tour around South Africa visiting the prehistory sites that have shaped world knowledge on the evolution of life – and more recently human life – on our planet. These palaeontological and archaeological sites create a wonderful opportunity to share science with the public. They take us back to humankind’s African Origins.

Jive Media Africa produced 3 books about the sites, specifically a learner guide, a tourism guide
and portfolio of research activities. We have also produced a series of newspaper articles that have featured in the Sunday Times Travel and Food supplement and on the Timeslive website (http://www.timeslive.co.za/).
Nonhlanhla Vilakazi, a palaeo-herpitologist (studies fossilized reptiles), came along for the ride and recorded her experiences (in words, images and video clips) on a weblog.

Sunday Times Articles:

Video Blog:

nieu_bethesda_fossil_centre1_200x135 Mapungubwe2-LimpopoRiver1_200x135
Kamberg2-GamePassShelter1_200x135 Sterkfontein_200x135

The dramatic Maloti and Drakensberg mountain ranges form the high point of the southern African escarpment. This is a living landscape that bursts with natural and cultural splendours – from rare and unique alpine flowers to internationally acclaimed rock art. It is home to an exciting and vibrant fusion of peoples – renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

The mountains abound with exciting activities for the lone traveller and families alike:
● hikes and walks
● fly fishing
● rock art
● dinosaur fossils
● rare birds
● floral splendour
● fascinating cultures
● engineering exploits
● pony trekking
● adventure sports

This book offers a unique guide to the Maloti Drakensberg Route in Lesotho and South Africa. It provides practical travel information and maps, highlights the must-see attractions and includes a comprehensive directory of places to stay, eat and visit.

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Tel: +27 (033) 342 9380/2
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Address: P.O. Box 22016, Mayor’s Walk, 3208

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