Jive Media Africa creates innovative, cutting edge communications; grabbing attention and conveying crucial messages in accessible ways.

An award-winning multi-media company, Jive Media Africa produces media strategies and products that challenge and inform, making a difference in the areas of Science and Technology (Jive Science), Biodiversity Conservation (Jive Earth), Child Health and Wellbeing (Jive Children) and Human Rights (Jive People).

Jive Media Africa strategises the best combination of media for the message, and importantly, for the target audience.

We are experts in overcoming barriers posed by education levels, language, literacy, visual competencies and income.

We specialise in multi-platform communication, using television, print, web, social media, mobile or other electronic communications.

Jive Media Africa are winners of the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) Award in the category “Science Communicator for Public Awareness over the last 5 years”.

The award was given to Robert Inglis, Director, for his “contribution to the development of the discipline of science communication through innovative and exciting media”.

Jive Media Africa is owned by three equal shareholders, namely Mr Robert Inglis, Prof Albert Modi and Ms Hilary Kromberg.

Jive Media Africa is classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) and as a result Jive Media Africa is currently a Level 4 Contributor to B-BBEE. This means that Jive Media Africa’s clients can claim at least 100% of their procurement spend with Jive Media towards their own B-BBEE scorecard.

Jive Media has a mentorship programme and are committed to raising the skills level and realizing the potential of young people interested in the field of media and communications. We currently have 4 post-graduate learnships at Jive Media Africa (all these positions are currently filled). We have seen a number of trainees moving out into formal employment as a result of the skills and knowledge gained during their time with us.

Jive Media Africa is situated at Phoebe Villa, where a unique fusion of Victorian architecture and contemporary African design energises and inspires our creative work.

Our logo is an Mbira or a Kalimba, a traditional African musical instrument.
Listen to Mark Holdaway playing Robert’s Dream on a Kalimba. Read more about Mark Holdaway and Kalimba Magic, who coincidentally generated the Supernova image in our MeerKAT comic. This coincidence has been a special development for us at Jive Media.

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